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August 1, 2007
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Sinj VS The World by CatWarrior Sinj VS The World by CatWarrior
It's nice 'n concept-y. I wanted to see what I could do if I moved quickly - to try a style that would let me really crank out art. It took about 3 or so hours over a few days and originated from a rough sketch I did in a friend's drawing pad. I like the energy this has, and its got the grungy and atmospheric feel I was aiming at, but it still just looks like a concept. Meh.
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PurpleCraneWarrior Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Student Artist
about to be punched D:
TheKarelia Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2009   Traditional Artist
That´s brilliant! I love the energy you put into this piece :)
xethetiger Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2008  Professional General Artist
Awesome drawing!
GearOtter Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008
I've always loved this picture, from the absolutely /insane/ perspective to the rough line work.

But. I've uh. Been meaning to draw an image very similar to this for awhile now. Would you mind if I used this as a reference? Credit would totally go to you, of course. =)
CatWarrior Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2008
Go for it! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I'm glad you like. I need to do more stuff like this.
Ryusukanku Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2008
I think it looks great.
Cheetahs have a wonderful lankyness about their bodies that lend well to extreme poses.
If you are concerned about it lookng too much like concept art, does the program you scanned it in with have a 'blurring' feature that can 'soften' the picture a bit.
It might help it might not.
StewieTheGiant Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2008
The concept of your picture is pretty cool, and the composition really makes it feel really actiony ^_^
Great piece.
Crazy-Painter Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
I think this is looks like concept art for a video game or a film...

I think that the scribbly lines around the giant mech give it a feel of movement, but if you wanted it to be less concepty, I'd recommend removing the lines and trying to make it look like a very detailed painting.
Crazy-Painter Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2008
PS, did you draw any inspiration from Imagine FX magazine per chance? There was a picture in there quite similar to this, but with a giant robot bristling with guns, as opposed to a smaller mech trying to beat the main character up...
princess-kira Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2007
wow thats awesome, love the colouring technique
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